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1 ON 1 Personal Training

1 on 1 Personal Training

Individual 1-Hour Sessions

Why seak out personal Training?

Choosing Personal Training is an excellent idea if you are an individual looking to maximize results and to learn how to do movements with good form and avoid risks of injury. Personal Training has many advantages as it provides you with personalized programming dedicated to help you reach your fitness goals and making sure that you reach them efficiently and injury free! If you are trying to increase strength, increase muscle gains, focus on weight loss, improving sports performance, or managing a health condition. Personal Training with 1 on 1 sessions is the perfect way to reach those goals as the focus is on you!

Monthly Commitment Rates

65.00$+GST/ sessions – 1xWeek 

55.00$+GST/ sessions – 2xWeek 

50.00$+GST/ sessions – 3xWeek 

3- Month Commitment Rates

58.50$+GST/ sessions – 1xWeek 

49.50$+GST/ sessions – 2xWeek 

45.00$+GST/ sessions – 3xWeek 

6- Month Commitment Rates

55.25$+GST/ sessions – 1xWeek 

46.75$+GST/ sessions – 2xWeek 

42.50$+GST/ sessions – 3xWeek

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